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Digital Quran With Pen

PKR 6,000 PKR 5,500

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Al-Marjan Digital Quran With Pen AT- 1000 [Kids Edition]

یہ ماڈل بچوں کے لیے ہے جو تلاوت ِقرآن کو تجوید کے ساتھ سکھا ے گا، مشق اور لفظ بہ لفظ تلاوت سکھائے گا۔ بچوں کی قرآن اور احادیث کی روشنی میں تربیت بھی کرتا ہے۔ نماز، اذآن، دوعائیں، ماں باپ کے حقوق انبیاِکرام کے واقعات اور اس کے علاوہ اور بہت کچھ اس ما ڈل میں موجود ہے۔

The All-New Digital Quran with Pen AT-1000 is designed especially for your kids to read, learn, and understand Quran and gain Islamic knowledge. This innovative Islamic device comes with Islamic content and books for kids like Noorani Qaida, Nasheeds, and Islamic stories along with Holy Quran recitations from famous reciters. To buy online digital Quran AT-1000, fill the order form below and get it delivered anywhere in Pakistan.

  • Word By Word Tilawat (Ibrahim Mir Mohammadi)
  • Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
  • Mahir Al Moeeqli
  • Mishary Bin Rashid Al Affasi
  • Abu Bakr Al Shatri
  • Ahmad bin Ali Al Ajmi
  • Abdul Basit Abd us Samad
  • Yasser Al Dosari
  • Saud Bin Ibrahim Al Shuraim
  • 114 Surah 114 Reciters

Kids Model does not have any Tafseer

Instead this model includes the following NASHEEDs:

Arabic Nasheed
Laillah Ill Allah
Pillars of Islam
Tu Kareem Hay

  • Word By Word Tilawat
  • Sayed Sadaqat Ali + Urdu Translation
  • Waheed Zafar Qasmi + Urdu Translation
  • Qari Ubaid ur Rahman + Urdu Translation
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Pushto
SD Card Support Yes
Storage 08GB Memory Card, upto 32GB Extendable
Built-in Speaker Yes
Voice Recording Yes
Accent Comparison Yes
Repeat Function Yes
Charger 5V —- 700ma Or 5V — 1A
Rechargable Battery Yes
Stereo Jack 3.5mm
Hands Free Any Standarad Handsfree with 3.5mm Jack
Aux Out Yes
Computer Attachment Yes
UpdateAble Yes

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