How To Complete The Quran In A Month

Complete Quran In a Month


The Quran is the book of Allah. It is the divine guidance sent from the heavens to the Muslims who believe. This Holy Book is the compilation of the direct verdict of Allah Almighty which explains the details of the divine guidance along with all those principles and ethics that are necessary for a successful life on Earth. This holy book is the golden source of every Muslims faith and practice. It deals with all subjects of life and problems that concern human beings, inclusive of worship, behavior, law and doctrine. The Holy Quran has great importance as it unveils the mystery of man, the universe and of the world beyond!


For a true Muslim, it is important that he recites the Quran daily, as a form of worship. It is said by the great scholars of old times that if you wish to speak to Allah Almighty you must offer Salah. However, if you want Allah Almighty to speak to you then you must recite the Holy Quran. It is ideal that a practicing Muslim completes at least one Quran a month (that is 30 chapters). There is no harm in reciting more than one Quran. The more the merrier!

One very common practice amongst Muslims for easily completing the Quran is that they must recite two rukuhs ( that is around 2 to 3 pages) after every Namaz. This sums up to completing one chapter of the Quran each day. So you manage to complete all the 30 chapters in 30 days.


• You get rewarded for every letter that you recite. Not a surah, or a word, but every letter that you recite, you get rewarded for it and at the end of times, you earn Jannah.

• Reciting the Quran is a part of zikr also called remembrance. It is a form of worship and when you recite the Quran it calms your soul and brings peace to your mind and in your life.

• As a human being, we constantly need someone to talk to and share our problem with. While offering namaz is a form of talking to Allah, reciting Quran gives you answers to all the matters of life.

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